#Electro Swing Fever 3 4CD (фирм.)

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Parov Stelar Feat. Lilja Bloom - Ragtime Cat
Chinese Man - Artichaut
Deluxe - Extra Mile
Dimie Cat - AAA (Triple A)
Kenneth Bager Feat. Aloe Blacc - Fragment Eight... The Sound Of Swing (Onur Engin Edit)
Nozomi Yamaguchi & Nyc Alowicious - No Diggity (Minimatic Remix)
Alice Francis - Gangsterlove (Sound Nomaden Remix)
Bart&Baker Feat. Tape Five - Swing You Winners
Louis Prima - Shadrack (Fonograff Rework)
In-Grid - Vive Le Swing (Gabin Brassy Remix)
Club Des Belugas & Thomas Siffling Feat. Ferank Manseed - Pain Is Temporary (Swing Mix)
Smokey Joe & The Kid - Evening
Tape Five - Geraldines Routine
Emanuel Kosh - Make My Music
The Golden Gate Quartet - Didnl It Rain (Minimatic Remix)
Savages Y Suefo - Ballroom Breakers (Dunkelbunt Remix)
Parov Stelar - Fleur De Lille
Tape Five Feat. Yuliet Topaz - Madame Coquette (Aerophon Mix)
Zoowax - Nine To Five
Chinesse Man - Ordinary Man
Swing Republic - Crazy In Love
Dirty Honkers - Ginger Bread Man
Dimie Cat - Woody Woody
Bart&Baker Feat. Lamuzqueul - Faux Cul
Nozomi Yamaguchi & Nyc Alowicious - Brown Sugar (Minimatic Remix)
Lazlo - Buzy Line
Biboulakis Feat. Nina Zeitlin - Is That Too Much To Ask
La Rochelle Band - Madame (Parov Stelar Remix)
Silen Jazz Case Feat. Misa Sugiyama - Come On (Benaski Remix)
Gauzz Feat. Count Basie - Good Morning Blues (I Want To See Santa)
Goodluck - Hop On Hop Off (Pescal And Pearce Mix)
Buy One Get One Free - The Subject Is Swing
Leonard Harlan & His Rockets Feat. Myra Taylor - Dig It (Minimatic Remix)
Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
Tape Five - Tequila (Gardener Of Delight Remix)
Bart&Baker Feat. Philou - Baby Don't You Cry (Skeewiff Remix)
Bebo Best - Don't Worry Be Happy
Club Des Belugas Feat. Brenda Boykin - Straight To Memphis
Uc 64 - In The Mood
Bart&Baker Presents Nuno Endo - Christopher Columbus (Squirrels & Onions Remix)
Hooch Feat Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing
Nozomi Yamaguchi & Nyc Alowicious - Baby Baby Baby (Dj Kobayashi & Herbert Newbert Electro Mix)
Swingrowers - This Is Swing
Bob Zuga Feat. Louis Prima - What Will Santa Say When He Finds Everyone Swinging
Dj Disse & Betina Bager Feat. Fred Astaire - Cheek To Cheek
Sweet Tooth - Venus In Hollywood (6u5 Remix)
Parov Stelar Feat. Max The Sax - Wake Up Sister
The Jivers Feat. Anqui - Do What
Dimie Cat - Ping Pong (Bart&Baker Remix)
Nozomi Yamaguchi & Nyc Alowicious - Got 'Till It's Gone (Dj Kobayashi & Herbert Newbert Remix)
Tomato Jack - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
Jazz Rhythm Case - The Sweer Escape (Bengi Jumping Remix)
Gabin - Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap (Bart&Baker Remix)
Bebo Best Feat. Iain Mackenzie - The Hit And The Swing
Silent Jazz Case - Leaving (Doc Gee Remix)
Zoowax - Singapore Sling
Swing Republic Feat. Sammy Kaye - Dabby
Bart&Baker Feat. Kitten & The Hip - Relax-Ay-Voo
Billie Holiday - My Man (Remix)
Betina Bager - Singing In The Rain Love Baby)

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