Ayreon Universe: Best Of Ayreon Live 2CD (фирм.)

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1. CD 1 Prologue (Live)
2. Dreamtime (Live)
3. Abbey Of Synn (Live)
4. River Of Time (Live)
5. The Blackboard (Live)
6. The Theory Of Everything (Live)
7. Merlin's Will (Live)
8. Waking Dreams (Live)
9. Dawn Of A Million Souls (Live)
10. Valley Of The Queens (Live)
11. Ride The Comet (Live)
12. Star Of Sirrah (Live)
13. Comatose (Live)
14. Loser (Live)
15. And The Druids Turned To Stone (Live)
16. CD 2 The Two Gates (Live)
17. Into The Black Hole (Live)
18. Actual Fantasy (Live)
19. Computer Eyes (Live)
20. Magnetism (Live)
21. Age Of Shadows (Live)
22. Intergalactic Space Crusaders (Live)
23. Collision (Live)
24. Everybody Dies (Live)
25. The Castle Hall (Live)
26. Amazing Flight in Space (Live)
27. Day Eleven: Love (Live)
28. The Eye Of Ra (Live)

Исполнитель Ayreon
Жанр Классический рок
Студия-производитель EMI
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