Buddy Guy Rhythm & Blues 2LP

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A1. Best In Town
A2. Justifyin'
A3. I Go By Feel
A4. Messin' With The Kid
A5. What's Up With That Woman
B1. One Day Away
B2. Well I Done Got Over It
B3. What You Gonna Do About Me
B4. The Devil's Daughter
B5. Whiskey Ghost
B6. Rhythm Inner Groove
C1. Meet Me In Chicago
C2. Too Damn Bad
C3. Evil Twin
C4. I Could Day Happy
C5. Never Gonna Change
D1. All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues
D2. My Mama Loved Me
D3. Blues Don't Care
D4. I Came Up Hard
D5. Poison Ivy

Артикул Z51035
Жанр Блюз
Исполнитель Guy Buddy
Год издания 2021
Страна производитель Чехия
Студия-производитель Warner Bros. Records
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